UNADULTERATED: Voice of a Person Behind the Counter

It has been a while since I last blogged, but not since I last written. I fear that my work has been slowly chewing the part of myself that I feel is most precious to me -- my soul, and the ability to organise my thoughts and place them into words. This is what makes me become slightly human(e) again.

In truth, who doesn't have a love-hate relationship with their job or career? I know I do.

I have talked about this so many times in passing to friends, family, colleagues... but it never ever gets old. Anyone who worked or works in any position that serves customers will have encountered these feelings, one way or another, once or one time too many, in their working life.

I have never understood why people feel the need to shout at a service crew person's mistake. Or the need to make "passing" but demeaning comments. Or to write in and ask a rhetoric question of whether the staff was having bad day, but obviously still wanting the management to take action.

I have nev…

Book vs. Film: The Promise 無極

The Promise 無極 (wú jí), by Jingming Guo 郭敬明 • Published by 圖神出版社 • ★★★★ • Goodreads THE BOOK The interesting thing about the book counterpart of The Promise is that it was written after the movie. The director chose a writer and granted him the creativity to write the story again, but keeping the beginning and the ending the same. This is actually great because the movie, admittedly (on hindsight), wasn't that great in comparison to the book.

Jingming inserted new fantasy elements into the story, which was pretty weak in the movie. He also created an entirely new fighting system and introduced another faction into the power struggle between Wuhuan, Qingcheng, and Guangming. Never underestimate the power of a world that is well-built.

I would like to think The Promise is trying to talk about the circle of life, but it also romanticizes it into a tragedy (of sorts). If you could see your future and your fate, would you believe it? If you believe it, would you just do nothing and se…

Unboxing: Librum Box, May/June 2016

I was extremely pleased with my first experience with Librum Box, which was the March/April box, as I was highly motivated to purchase it due to one of my favourite makers (Baisimu) being involved in that particular box. When the current theme for May/June was announced, I signed up immediately because I love tea. I mean, hey, who doesn't love tea? ;)
Disclosure: This post is not sponsored by any of the artists/makers involved or CLSG. 
What I appreciate most about Carpe Librum is that the box is delivered personally by the team. It's probably tough for them, especially since it was raining the day they delivered mine, but no start-ups are easygoing from the beginning. Kudos to that!
So what is in this couple of months' Librum Box? :D

I left the box overnight before I opened it and I was SO GLAD that the ants did not invade the cookies, because I would have been so sad. (Due to the weather, insects are emerging EVERYWHERE. Argh.)

UNADULTERATED: All Sides of A Coin

UNADULTERATED is a feature I created to allow my muddled thoughts to be straightened out into sentences, but often remaining as ramblings with little to no motives behind them. (Also more commonly known as regurgitating thoughts or verbal diarrhea.) There are minimal editing in these posts, hence there will be lots of straying of thoughts and even driving off "topic cliffs". Consider yourself warned. ;)
I have the luck to enjoy company with people who are objective and are capable of seeing different sides of a coin. Recently, perhaps I had accidentally stepped on the train of Lady Luck’s dress, for I have also encountered some people who are rather adamant on their love(s).

That gave birth to this post.

At what point does love and passion turn into rabid obsession? Rabid and passionate are actually synonyms but it’s funny how their connotations set them apart.

Think of a rabid fan, do you get a rather crazed and illogical person? Perhaps.
Think of a passionate fan, do you g…


后青春期的诗 - 九把刀 • 蓋亞文化有限公司 • ★★★★ • Goodreads 你还记得十八岁时有过的梦想吗?


二十三岁时,又写下了一个梦想 — 我要写作。


可是当时的漫无目的塑造了现在 “我行我素” 的自己,也算得上是一段寻找自己的时间。

可是我担心的是失去想象力,再加上不喜欢 “心有余而力不足” 的感觉。




Cress: A Thorn on the Crescent Moon

Cress (The Lunar Chronicles #3), by Marissa Meyer • Feiwel & Friends • ★★★★ • Goodreads • SPOILER ALERT! I liked this book, but I’m a little disappointed because I wanted to love it. I hope I’ll love Winter, because from what little of the princess that I read here, I already enjoy her presence. Despite the clear references to Snow White, my first impression was actually that of a slightly demented Alice (the Wonderland Alice) and I already adore her for that.

The biggest enjoyment I got out of this book was getting to know Thorne through Cress and how Thorne reacted to Cress’s encounters when they only had each other. I think a close contender to that level of enjoyment was seeing the fall of Sybil Mira. DAT BIATCH.

Obviously, the biggest revelation I love was the one between Doctor Erland and Cress because it’s no secret that bitter twists and plots are some of my favourite bookish things. It’s not that I’m heartless, but I kind of enjoy how imaginary tales and fictional relat…


微微一笑很倾城 - 顾漫 • 江苏文艺出版社 • ★★★★½ • Goodreads 这是一个宅女的童话故事:在网游中的伴侣也是现实生活中的体贴男友,而且又帅又有钱的。当然女主角也不赖的哦,不然怎么叫童话故事?

虽然这算是陈词滥调的概念,但是我还是很爱这本作品。原因很简单 -- 它建立在一个梦幻武侠网游上!都说是宅女的童话故事,身为宅女的我当然无力的被吸入故事内。(虽然读完很想哭…)