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IRL!: Outside the Blog, In School Recently...

IRL! is a sporadic feature where I talk about the somewhat interesting things I do outside of the blog. (Though what I deem interesting may sometimes be questionable...)

I'm almost halfway through my university journey and it's been a bizarre journey of various ups-and-downs. I've quite enjoyed my subjects this term though, specifically Jacobean Drama and Children's Literature. Especially so because of great professors that obviously love what they teach because they ooze with passion when they talk about the subject.

With the recent release of the "popular" 50 Shades of Grey, it has become an easily accessible and understandable common topic between lecturers and students, even without the need to read or watch the books or film. It's pretty amusing to see my professor receiving blank stares when he brings up the movie, The Lakehouse, as a reference for love but nobody gets it. However, when he mentions 50SOG as a comparison for lust, everyone has some f…

TTT: 10 Bookish Problems I Have

Top Ten Tuesday is a meme hosted by The Broke & Bookish where bloggers list their top tens! This week's topic is on 10 book-related problems that each blogger have.

1. SHELF SPACE. The rest on my list may not be "top" problems as time passes but this point alone is enough. I love seeing bloggers post their beautifully filled shelves but it's one luxury I don't have. I have probably one-three rows of a shelf at maximum to put my books so I really have to choose what I want to keep and purchase. While I have gotten used to reading ebooks and also borrowing from libraries, I still like good old papers so I end up donating/giving away my books quite often. This gives me so. much. grief. each. time.

2. Film Adaptations. I have began understanding that films will always need to cut or tweak things but there is one thing that will always trigger a reaction from me -- the cast. Half the time, I'm skeptical of the choices but usually I end up feeling okay, I mean, i…

Review: Never Fade (The Darkest Minds #2)

Today's menu:Never Fade (The Darkest Minds #2), by Alexandra BrackenRating:★★★★★ Excellent!Note: Mild spoilers ahead!
When I first finished The Darkest Minds(The Darkest Minds #1), I felt utterly devastated by what Ruby had done. Today, I just finished Never Fade and I also felt utterly devastated but it was not what Ruby had done but what Ruby had lost. At the same time, I also reached a different level of understanding for Clancy Gray. Back in The Darkest Minds, I hated Clancy, much like Ruby. But right now, I think... I might understand him.

Imagine being coloured like Ruby and Clancy, would you want to remove your Psi powers or control them? I'm almost 80% sure that I belong in the latter, which I think might be why Clancy did not agree with his mother. This resulted in my conflict at the end of Never Fade where and when I understood Clancy's horror/terror.

The thing about Bracken's storytelling is that she makes me feel attached to the most innocent and lovable ch…

Blogging On & Off

Confession: I'm not the most disciplined or organized blogger. If you know me, I have created and closed more sites and blogs than I have maintained them. I obviously have issues, many issues. Therefore I am sitting down here to fix this problem and stick with this blog.

First, it's hard for me to be 100% satisfied with a lot of blogging platforms. Wordpress is too rigid for me while having a self-hosted Wordpress-powered site gave me too much freedom and I became unhappy with every code edit. But this is easy to solve as I am a Google nerd and I will settle for Blogger because it's the site I used when I was in my early teens and after it got acquired, it got better. Plus it's easy to edit even with the free options.

Next, I tend to burn out really easily, or rather I lose interest in something really quickly. No, not reading but writing reviews or writing sensible things (ha). This is also easily solved -- I'm not trying to blog about every book that I read anymo…

Afterthoughts: Of Beast & Beauty, A Name Itch

For starters, I love Beauty and the Beast. As for Of Beast & Beauty, I enjoyed it even if I didn't love it. It was a good read as I mentioned on my Goodreads review. However, the usage of Chinese surnames/names in the book gave me an itch that I couldn't quite scratch. While they aren't entirely unreasonable as fictional names, I could not reconcile it with what I know of Chinese names.

First, let me list the more memorable characters' names from the book that are tinged/heavily influenced by Chinese culture that are from the domed city of Yuan.

Isra YuejihuaJunjieBoNeedle
Clarification: I know it isn't mentioned anywhere that Jay wrote it intentionally with cultural influences, I read a few book tour interviews too just to be sure. However you can't use names like the above (especially the first two) and expect no nerdy Chinese Asian (who loves history) to read the book. (Okay maybe you can, but... always plan for the worst case scenario!)
There are a lot of …