Blogging On & Off

Confession: I'm not the most disciplined or organized blogger. If you know me, I have created and closed more sites and blogs than I have maintained them. I obviously have issues, many issues. Therefore I am sitting down here to fix this problem and stick with this blog.

First, it's hard for me to be 100% satisfied with a lot of blogging platforms. Wordpress is too rigid for me while having a self-hosted Wordpress-powered site gave me too much freedom and I became unhappy with every code edit. But this is easy to solve as I am a Google nerd and I will settle for Blogger because it's the site I used when I was in my early teens and after it got acquired, it got better. Plus it's easy to edit even with the free options.

Next, I tend to burn out really easily, or rather I lose interest in something really quickly. No, not reading but writing reviews or writing sensible things (ha). This is also easily solved -- I'm not trying to blog about every book that I read anymore. Just whatever I feel is great (and of course requests). Plus writing thoughts and afterthoughts that are inspired by the books instead of just reviewing them!

Lastly, accountability. It was easy for me to close sites because hey, nobody's missing me anyway. However I totally miss the point of blogging being writing for myself, not for anyone (I mean, yeah, there will be readers since it's on public domain but my point is blogging for the sake of releasing my thoughts, not blogging for the sake of readership, y'know). The comments are a bonus, not a necessity. I didn't think turning up to blog regularly was necessary but I was wrong, this is a discipline thing. Focus is something I lack, majorly, and my family knows that. This is the biggest problem and I am fixing it by promising to turn up with at least a post each week. Plus I also tend to run away from problems/stress when they turn up so here's to no more running away!

Here's what I'm going to do: for each week that I miss turning up with a post, I will purchase a book for a random blogger/reader or give away one of my shelved books (which is not a lot as I have turned into an e-book reader after losing my shelf space).


  1. Hey Tory!! I did miss you so I'm glad you are getting into blogging for fun again! :) I hope you get everything you want out of blogging - it is such a flexible medium that I know you can make it work for you!

    I would comment on Never Fade, but haven't read it yet.... glad to see that you loved it though! I'm afraid of the emotional distress awaiting me...

    Hmm, your method to hold yourself accountable by giving a book away is very interesting - almost makes me want you to not post LOL, jk!

  2. Being a disciplined blogger is tough. I look at all these posts about how to stay organised and see all these bloggers with three different schedules in all types of journals and I'm like.. I just write whenever I feel like it, or when I feel I should write a post. I also think sometimes nobody would miss me, but.. I would miss it.

  3. Yes, I think you said it exactly! I definitely missed blogging but sometimes a lot of those organisation posts come up on my feed & I'm just whoa, I don't even plan stuff lol, just write whatever I want -- even for events I participate in. I guess being a "pantser" blogger just works better for me. :D (But of course, actually turning up to blog is one of my own problems too, oops.)


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