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IRL! is a sporadic feature where I talk about the somewhat interesting things I do outside of the blog. (Though what I deem interesting may sometimes be questionable...)

I'm almost halfway through my university journey and it's been a bizarre journey of various ups-and-downs. I've quite enjoyed my subjects this term though, specifically Jacobean Drama and Children's Literature. Especially so because of great professors that obviously love what they teach because they ooze with passion when they talk about the subject.

With the recent release of the "popular" 50 Shades of Grey, it has become an easily accessible and understandable common topic between lecturers and students, even without the need to read or watch the books or film. It's pretty amusing to see my professor receiving blank stares when he brings up the movie, The Lakehouse, as a reference for love but nobody gets it. However, when he mentions 50SOG as a comparison for lust, everyone has some form of reaction (smirk, sneer, grunt, snort, wisely nod, grin).

In my Child's Lit class, it's probably the only class so far that touches on YA but even so, the focus is generally towards younger children so there are more illustrated books than other heavier texts. I like how The Hunger Games and And Tango Makes Three kept coming up in the last seminar I attended. It still amazes me how there are people who don't know about THG (subsequently also reminding me how vast the world is).

It's interesting to know that they are making the first book of The Hunger Games as a required reading for high schools here, despite the mixed responses towards the other books due to the violence involved. While I'm definitely supportive of the motion because I'm sure there are mostly sensible people out there who understands the message behind the book (or like me, reading for the fun of it), I think I can see where the opposition are coming from too. (Though it also brings up the question, then what about all the shooting games these days???)

Maybe it's because I've been watching too much (ha, what is too much) Criminal Minds lately but perhaps parents are worried because something might trigger the kids? But then again And Tango Makes Three is about same-sex marriage families so that's definitely debatable. I never understood people who try to stamp out something that another person is born with. It does more harm than good, to be honest. I feel that when you ruin something that's still pure and innocent, you are in fact turning it into something else. Like an infection that'll eventually cause death when left untreated. At least that's what I think, and how I interpret Hemingway's quote.

Why's my first IRL topic so heavy... well, I'll fix that next time!


  1. I feel so out of touch with school reading! It's amazing to me that Harry Potter and The Hunger Games can be part of the curriculum, but I think it's a great idea, especially if it helps foster a love of reading. (50SOG doesn't need to be brought up in class though... :D) And I think it's better to read THG than play violent video games - at least the kid is reading!

    I've never read And Tango Makes Three, and I had no idea it was for young children! I'm glad it's getting discussed though!

  2. I would have loved having to read The Hunger Games as required high school reading! I remember reading the most horrendous books in high school and I already didn't like reading, so that didn't help at ALL. I started liking reading when I read Twilight and other YA things. Harry Potter definitely helped as well.

    I have yet to see The Lake House but I do know what it's about. It's kind of sad that everyone knows what Fifty Shades of Grey is, but wouldn't be able to recognise quality if it bit them in the butt!

  3. Me too! I only liked half the readings my high school assigned but still, they weren't really those "popular" readings so we couldn't relate much to it. Also, there weren't enough students to open a literature class for seniors so I ended up in as a history student, major bummer! And I started lapsing in and out of reading after that.

    I know right! It's all the publicity, both good and bad ones, so even those who didn't know about the books or movies are curious enough to read the news... oh well.

  4. I was so happy to discover books for children (even if some are just picture books) in my last module! XD My professor tried referencing other movies but most of his answers kept giving him blank stares from us (he's not the most updated movie person LOL) so he's like "ah, ok, 50SOG, you guys know /that/, right?"

    It's a kids' book! Which awkwardly got shifted to some other section in our libraries that aren't labelled "For Kids" or something. Oh well, at least it's still accessible!


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