TTT: 10 Bookish Problems I Have

Top Ten Tuesday is a meme hosted by The Broke & Bookish where bloggers list their top tens! This week's topic is on 10 book-related problems that each blogger have.

1. SHELF SPACE. The rest on my list may not be "top" problems as time passes but this point alone is enough. I love seeing bloggers post their beautifully filled shelves but it's one luxury I don't have. I have probably one-three rows of a shelf at maximum to put my books so I really have to choose what I want to keep and purchase. While I have gotten used to reading ebooks and also borrowing from libraries, I still like good old papers so I end up donating/giving away my books quite often. This gives me so. much. grief. each. time.

But this Lee Pace gif does cheer me up a little.

2. Film Adaptations. I have began understanding that films will always need to cut or tweak things but there is one thing that will always trigger a reaction from me -- the cast. Half the time, I'm skeptical of the choices but usually I end up feeling okay, I mean, it's done anyway. (Like Valentine from City of Bones, Snow White from Snow White & the Huntsman.) I'm pretty sure I would have 1000000 complains when my favourite The Night Circus is turned into a film.

3. Emotional Aftereffects. Or the lack thereof. Sometimes I read a book after others have raved about it. Buuuut I didn't tear up, or cry, or whatever. I just enjoyed the book because it's good. But maybe I'm just colder than most others. (shrugs)

4. Taking Offence When My Choice of Books Are Judged. I love when I meet fellow readers. Most readers I meet are great open-minded individuals but I do encounter the occasional oddball. I don't judge people for what they read so I don't appreciate when I get judged. It just aggravates me when someone replies me with a condescending "oh I don't read YA, just adult" but when I pull out my uni texts of literature from 1600s-1900s, there is no response either.

My thoughts exactly.

5. Keeping Up With A Good Series. I have problems keeping up with any series, even a good one. I have had my copy of Never Fade since a year ago but only got to reading it this year. My copy of Kinslayer is still gathering virtual dust in my Kindle. But if I bought it, chances are higher of it being read because I'm actually making good progress with my TBR this year. :)

6. Too Many Bookmarks. I have about 20 kept on my desk and probably another 20 in the cupboard. Yeah, I can't burn through them as fast as I collect them.

7. Choosing The Next Book. Lately, it's easy for me because I have physical copies in my possession and it's only sensible to complete reading those first. But after that, damn, how do you choose? I would probably go for the sequels that I have been eyeing for? Or I'll go to be Goodreads and see which cover catches my eye in my TBR pile.

8. Choosing A Favourite Character. This one speaks for itself.

9. Taking A Side. I'm not sure if it's because I tend to like villains or I just like to see from another point of view but this is becoming difficult when a story is not entirely Good vs. Bad, just different ways of achieving a similar goal.

10. Staying Sane. SO MANY BOOKS. SO MANY CHOICES. SO MANY WORLDS. While sometimes my brain enjoys the colourful worlds it's being exposed to, I get a bit confused as the colours blur together, lol. Drunk on books -- it's possible.

I am much grumpier when sober.
And that's about ten I can think of. Off to peek at other's lists!


  1. I agree with so many of your points here! Especially when it comes to shelf space! I seriously need a Beauty and the Beast level library just to be comfortable. As it is though, I have to give away books too sometimes, and it's a little heartbreaking. As for not feeling as emotional over some books - I'd think that would be good so then those books that really impact you mean more!

  2. Yes exactly! Though I'll need a searching system installed if I have a BatB level library, LOL! Oh that's true though, I usually remember the books that impact me more since I actually have some reactions over it. Strangely though, if I re-read them, the feeling just isn't there anymore... which leads me /not/ to re-read books. Hm...


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