Away to Whimsical Fairy Tale Land: Introduction

I seem to always be able to find events with topics I enjoy, or maybe I'm just following the right blogs eh? ;) Away to Whimsical Fairy Tale Land is a bookish event hosted by Charlene of Bookish Whimsy and Ana from Read Me Away! It revolves around the original fairy tales and their retellings, whether it be books, TV or movies.

My choice of fairy tale, if not obvious from my banner, is Little Red Riding Hood! Well, in actuality, my favourite tale is Beauty and the Beast but this is heavily swayed towards Disney's version of it because of the beautiful songs and the stained glass illustrations. But I decided to go with Red Riding Hood because it would be refreshing to visit a character I don't usually read.

I love fairy tales simply because they are magical and out of this world. I remember one of my very first treasures was a heavy, deep purple, hard cover book of fairy tales with gold-edged pages. It was beautiful but I have no idea where it went after I grew up and moved house the first time. Now that I'm older, I'm beginning to find the origins of things interesting. I think it's funny because I didn't think history was intriguing when I was studying it in high school. Well, I guess "origins" are kind of trendy right now since we're beginning to see X-Men Origins and stuff like that. Also with growing up, I get access to the less beautiful side of Grimm's original fairy tales and those are fascinating.

I think my taste in fairy tales changes as I age. I used to like the Emperor's New Clothes but now I don't. I used to dislike Snow Queen but now I like it. But other than Beauty & the Beast, I've also enjoyed The Six Swans tale greatly! My first exposure to that story was in Mandarin Chinese though but having gone through the English version, it's not different at all. Of course, now with the various retellings, especially Once Upon A Time, I'm sure I'm not the only one when I say I'm developing a great ability to empathize with villains (but definitely not the original, the retold version more like).

Anyway, this week's posts will be dedicated and focused on Little Red Riding Hood, check back often or check Charlene's or Ana's blogs for linkys to all the posts on various fairy tales, I know I will be! Before I leave, I shall leave you with a song with lyrics apparently inspired by Little Red Riding Hood -- Duran Duran's Hungry Like The Wolf.


  1. Ooh your banner is so cute!! Love it!

    It makes me feel sad that you don't know where your first fairy tales book went- it sounds like such a beautiful edition. Do you remember if it had illustrations?

    Little Red Riding Hood is a great fairy tale to explore - so many different interpretations of the story I think. And I didn't know that the Duran Duran song was partially inspired by the tale, so I'm glad I learned something new today! :)

  2. Oh... great job on the banner. I was going to do one... but then never got around to it. I can't wait to read your Little Red Riding Hood posts!! I love that fairy tale.

  3. Thank you! I found some cute fairy tale characters vectors and was sure that I had to use it. xD

    I was very sad too when it vanished (probably into Neverland or something). It felt like a very ~royal~ book because of the gold and purple, lol. Yes! It definitely had illustrations, coloured ones too! :D

    Yay, that's great~ I think the interpretations gave Red so much more form than the original story, like giving her more credit than she deserves, lol. I guess it's one of those things that get better with time. :P

  4. Thank you! I hope I don't disappoint, haha. I'll be looking forward to reading your Robin Hood posts too! ;D

  5. That banner is so cute! <3 Thank you for joining us, Tory!

    I'm going to go catch up on your posts! :D


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