Cinderella; Have Courage & Be Kind

There are about 10000 things I love about the new live-action Cinderella movie. Let's do this slowly.

Speaking as someone who has never watched Game of Thrones (which I will be remedying soon), Richard Madden puts the charming in Prince Charming. Though he's known as Prince Kit in the film, so I guess there was no need to indicate he is indeed charming when he personifies the word himself! (I'm going to a corner to have a quiet moment before I start hyperventilating.) Also, Hayley Atwell (aka Agent Carter) plays Cinderella's mother and is so, so lovely that for a character with so little screen time, makes quite a big splash. Cate Blanchett, who is Lady Tremaine, Cinderella's stepmother, amazingly manages to give the stepmother more depth that I ever thought she could have. (The conversation she had with Ella before locking her up had such an impact, I almost feel sorry for her.) And of course, the saviour of the day -- the Fairy Godmother, portrayed by Helena Bonham Carter. (If you forgot, she played Bellatrix Lestrange in HP.)

Let's be real, this is based on both Disney's and Perrault's version of Cinderella so it's very PG -- meaning no cutting of heels or toes like Into The Woods. But what I love most are the conversations, dialogues, lines that are newly crafted for the characters. The small talk between the Prince and the Captain. The Captain's little snark at the stepmother. The subtle acts of Ella that makes you think she's hovering on the edge of turning dark before she remembers her mother. HER MOTHER'S LAST WORDS! I'm sure those shaped Ella's entire life.

I adored just about everyone's outfit and the dance was just mesmerizing with Ella's great blossoming of a shimmering blue gown. I totally understand why the dance directions had her spinning so many times. I'm just gonna put this here... BUT IT'S MORE BEAUTIFUL ON THE BIG SCREEN, TRUST ME.

Guess who found a new soundtrack to write and read with? This blogger did! My favourite is the very catchy and very soothing lullaby. I kept humming it after exiting the cinema.

Right, I apologise for... well, slightly rambling, ha! I may be a little biased since I think the music plays a great part in creating the magical atmosphere, as with the beautiful sets and dresses... but you'll have to admit without voice-overs and music, the touch of magic just doesn't come through very well. I'll leave this behind the scenes video here just to prove my point. (Disclaimer: I am very, very biased towards orchestras and things like that.)

Strangely coincidental, I do have another post (sort of new feature) I wanted to do that is related to Cinderella. Do check back next week if you're interested. :)


  1. I haven't watched it yet, but the movie does have a great cast! I loved seeing all the things for the Helena Carter casting. Seeing all the comparisons for Bellatrix and the Fairy Godmother was so much fun.


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