The Different Faces of Little Red Riding Hood

Welcome back again to fairy tale land! Today explores the retellings of various fairy tales and I'm definitely going to try and not turn this post into a huge ramble-fest (point being: TRY). Once again, don't forget to hit up Charlene's and Ana's blogs at Bookish Whimsy and Read Me Away for links to MOAR! fantastical posts!

1. Scarlet, The Lunar Chronicles #2 (Book)

Pretty sure this is the series that comes to mind when it comes to latest retellings done extremely well, especially in the new setting it is given (think: cyborg)! My favourite character from Scarlet is, uh... not Scarlet (Red Riding Hood) but Wolf. I think my nemesis in books are romanticized villains or grey-zoned characters so this point may be biased. I still haven't read Cress, despite Fairest being out already, but! I'm pretty sure I will be more torn over MORE characters (as if I don't have a hard time choosing one favourite from Kai, Wolf and Thorne already)...

2. Pilot Episode, Season 1, Grimm (TV)

Victim & Vessen (Assumed Red & Wolf) from Grimm (Source)

I'll admit Grimm gets better by episode and season, or maybe I'm biased. But the pilot episode begins with fairy tale roots perhaps to let the audience gain familiar grounds as footing. This is quite a literal episode of Red Riding Hood in which the wolf lures the girl into its lair with little cute stuff (which is creepy, if you watch the episode). Personally, if I see a creepy figurine lying around in the woods, pretty sure I'll run the other way as fast as possible.

3. Red Riding Hood (2011 Film)

Valerie from Red Riding Hood (Source)

I have mixed feelings about this movie. The wolf is once again, a werewolf. The only thing I liked about this story is that because the man was utterly disrespected in human form, that it takes vengeance in its wolf form. Well, sort of, since it has no remorse in killing when it wants to leave the village but is impeded. There are small details that pay tribute to the original tale, such as grandmother giving Red (or Valerie, in this movie) her cloak and rocks being filled into the wolf's body. Still, wouldn't exactly recommend this film unless you have lots of time to be killed or are really bored.

4. Ruby, Once Upon A Time (TV)

Beautiful Ruby from Once Upon a Time (Source)

Ruby is the name given to Red Riding Hood in the ABC series, Once Upon A Time. Ruby and her grandmother are easily my favourite family in the series. If you didn't watch the series but are curious about Ruby, I recommend the episode that tells Ruby's story, which is episode 15 from season one, titled "Red-Handed". OUAT fuses Red and the Wolf together into one character, which results in a... you guessed it, werewolf! But the very fact has been hidden from her at the beginning thus she was a very confused soul until she became horrified at the truth. (So hard to write this without spoilers but this is inevitably one of the better Red Riding Hood I've seen being cast, Meghan is wonderful! I still have no idea why she is not a character that recurs more often!)

5. Into The Woods (2014 Film)

Johnny Depp as the Wolf from Into The Woods (Source)

First off, I have a love-hate relationship with this film because I love how the stories are weaved together and the cast (Meryl Streep! Anna Kendrick! Johnny Depp!) but the music isn't very memorable for a musical movie. But anyway, the Red Riding Hood story here stays closest the original Perrault tale. Though of course, if you watched it, it doesn't just end after the rescue of Hood but I won't spoil it if you haven't watched it. (But my favourite rewoven story from Into The Woods is definitely Cinderella's!)

Bonus! Red Riding Hood Stamps


I think these make perfectly cute bookish stamps, especially if you're mailing to a fellow book blogger! Pretty sure there are Disney themed fairy tale stamps too, but y'know, the ones that have the vintage feels always add to the good old feeling you can only get from receiving snail mail. ;)

What do you think of the different retellings?

Do you have more to add on? Which one is your favourite? Do share! :D


  1. I feel like I would enjoy Grimm, but haven't gotten around to watching it yet. Do they sort of tell a different fairy tale every episode - or it's just seeing how all the different fairy tale characters interact in the town?

    Ruby I love in OUAT - I wish they would do more with her too! It's a great twist to the Red Riding Hood tale though to have her as the wolf. And as for Into the Woods, I think Red was one of the better parts of the movie - she's so funny! I think the music from a Sondheim show is generally not as memorable on it's own so I'm not surprised that you didn't really enjoy that aspect, so I definitely prefer to watch a Sondheim musical than just pick up the soundtrack.

    Oh I hope you read Cress soon! It's so good! :D

  2. Those are such cute stamps! :D

    I've read Scarlet, and I have to agree that Wolf was a very interesting character. :)

    I've watched neither Grimm nor OUAT but the Grimm episode sounds so deliciously creepy! That establishing gif/shot of the "wolf" character already gives me a little shudder!

  3. It's not exactly based on fairy tales, they mix in creatures and things from other folklores and myths too but they've created very unique creatures, in my opinion! They've also made Grimm into a family of protectors from these scary creatures... but of course, not all of them are evil. ;) I've really liked how the series has progressed so far. :D

    It was hilarious to see the baker try to take Red's hood forcefully, lmao. But I really enjoy the film because they really kept a lot of the original elements in tact like Cinderella's shoe stuck in the pitch and the stepsisters cutting their feet...

    Oh I will, I just... don't know when! xD

  4. Yeah! Makes me wish I had some of them to use, stamps these days aren't as interesting... or they are but become overly expensive. :(

    I try not to be pushy but I really enjoyed Grimm much more than OUAT, plus some of the episodes really gives me creeps and made me jump but... all part of the writers' intentions right? xD


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