Bookish BGM: My Reading Playlist

This is a new Paper O'Clock feature where I will share the music that I listen to when I read or write. Basically more ways for me to share music and find out about more music from you!

I'm one of those people who bring their iPod everywhere they go. When I commute alone especially, I need to have my music with me or I'll feel like I've left something at home. It's not exactly a necessity but without it, I just feel uncomfortable. Anyone else feels this way?

If I read while commuting though, I'll have instrumental music in my ears. It's more of a way to reduce interruptions, read faster, and retain more information, rather than just a personal impulse. I mean, the various noise and sounds you hear on the commute is a crazy load and probably also jarring sometimes. (Actually, what I dislike most are people who can't control their volume when they converse.)

Another time when I need music is when I read at night. This is purely because I am super timid and certain sounds at night make me crawl under my sheets very quickly. But my reading area is in the living room, so that is a problem! ...which is easily solved by music.

Usually, I'll pick a song appropriate for the section of the book I'm reading and loop it so keep my mood consistent. For my first sharing session, I'm picking a song that's probably familiar to some, if not most.

Song From A Secret Garden - by Secret Garden

It's kind of neutral but the violin helps if I'm reading or writing a melancholic or farewell scene. Mostly sad or bordering on sad scenes, which again, is a LOT regardless of what genre you read.

When I read and listen, it's quite easy for my mind to tune out after the first couple of listens so picking the right song to settle into is the key for me. After I completely immerse myself into the book's world, the music is just there to keep "intruders" away.

I think it's safe to say there will be almost no music featured in this series that have lyrics because they interfere with my reading. If there is, it's probably 1% of what I'll share and possibly of foreign language (to me).

Do you have a reading playlist? Share with me a couple of your favourite music if you do!


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