Crown of Midnight by S.J. Maas

Today's Read: Crown of Midnight (Throne of Glass #2), by Sarah J. Maas
Clocked Rating: ★★★★★

I first picked this book up from the library over a year ago, but returned it with overdue fines. It had nothing to do with the book but more of my life going into a landslide. A year later, I've picked it back up again and unlike some series with the Second Book Syndrome, Crown of Midnight is even better than the first Throne of Glass.

The only thing that changed are my feelings. The Chaol/Celaena ship seems to have caught the winds and sailed far into the vast ocean of shippers. I do enjoy reading this couple in the series, especially when it comes to the unbelievably good and strong Chaol, but I'll admit, I had never been able to like Celaena. (Though the truth of her identity have made the hackles she had raised on my back to be lowered, a little if not all.) The one thing that remained constant through both books so far for me is: the feelings I have harboured in that soft, shadowy corner of my heart for Dorian, the Prince.

Some may find the poor tortured soul of a Prince mildly (or strongly) annoying because he can't get over his own feelings. But I find that exceptionally... human. Though really, I just have a thing for such characters (seriously, even my favourite drama show characters are of this type). I'm definitely looking forward to reading more of Dorian and the roots of his abilities. I felt that Nehemia had something to do with awakening that "something" in him.

A part of me is like, "GO FORTH AND CONQUER THE WORLD, MY SON" while another part of me is like:

Crown of Midnight, while having a rocky start, gradually becomes more exciting and action-packed towards the later half. Right up to the last page, I was hooked. Some of the plot twists are easily predicted but the description of certain scenes -- like the Fae transformation, the secret chamber beneath the clock tower... basically, the atmosphere is extremely well-written and executed. I can almost see it in theatrical form, and I'm sure I will jump at the sight of those glowing eyes underneath the iron door.

Looking forward to read Heir of Fire! (For more Dorian, if nothing else, ha!)


  1. Aww, I'm such a Dorian shipper too! I mean, I think Celaena and Chaol are right for each other, so I guess I just ship me and Dorian. LOL But I do hope he finds his love through the course of this heart-wrenching series. I'm glad this series is getting better for you - Heir of Fire is a killer! :)

  2. Yes exactly! I do feel terrible for Chaol too and from what I heard of Heir of Fire... I think I'm in for a tsunami of feels, but looking forward to reading it all the same! xD


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