IRL: Life & Death

Hello, it's been a while. I had wanted to launch a new feature last week but devastating news struck my nation. Our great father of the nation, Mr Lee Kuan Yew had passed on. I was stunned and I grieved with the country. He was a man that is so familiar yet still a stranger to me, because he is a political giant, someone seemingly untouchable but he is always present in our daily lives around us. I think of myself as a person who constantly represses my emotions but for a couple of days, the tears came and I failed to push them down. I wondered how in control his son must have to face the people and not break down.

Well, moving on, since I still live in his legacy, I must chase the adventures under the rainbow in the brighter skies he has brought to us!

If you've noticed, I changed my blog name (again). As with my promise to uphold this blog, I also promise to stand by this name. There will be some cosmetic changes happening in the week, if you are passing by, please pardon the dust. 

I'm still in a bit of a struggle as to what to name my new feature. It features old things and new things side-by-side, but sometimes it only has the old stuff. It's always the names! Damn it. But I'll get through this! I also hope to try vlogging, I have been saying this for years and years but I just can't over my own psychological barriers. One step at a time, I suppose.

I recently wiped my Instagram clean, just because I was sick of looking at messy and mundane pictures. I would like to post things with at least some purpose and structure from now on, at least in an attempt to beat my life into shape. I like my Zen take on life but sometimes, I feel that I get too laxed about things. (LAZY ASS.)

I was very confused when I received my grades for both my second assignments in different modules and they leapt two or three grades from the first assignments. I was pretty sure I did not do anything different from my usual wing-it routine. I must have gotten some flight angle correct. It was a rather queer experience.

Usually when I turn into the library, I make a beeline for the YA line. Recently, to kill time, I ventured into some shelves labelled "General" and found some fascinating titles so I borrowed a handful of Sherlockian publications. There is also one book I'm interested in which I had to place a reservation for because of all the libraries in my tiny country, only one copy exist. Goodness gracious, it must be an obscure book. 

I guess these are sort of 50% "in real life", or let's take it as a form of wrap-up. ;) I had wanted to post this yesterday but it was April Fool's and I don't fancy that particular day very much.


  1. I'm sorry to hear about the loss of Mr. Yew - it's so rare to find truly admirable politicians, and it's wonderful that the meant so much to Singapore.

    I love the new blog name - it's a unique combo and speaks to the concept of time and reading which I love. :) I'm glad too that you are enjoying some different books - the Sherlock instagram photos you put up were awesome!


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