Mini Reviews: A Study in Sherlock

A while ago, I had to spend some time loitering in the library. It's not something I do often. I usually go to the library like I'm on a mission and I'm out within half an hour. I mean, I know what I want to borrow and I have borrowing limits (as with the amount I can carry).

That aside, my little loitering adventure had me bringing home various books about Sherlock. Which reader of the Sherlock Holmes stories have never had the idea, however fleeting, of having his powers of deduction and learning his ways? But the books I borrowed went in another direction so instead of learning about the skills, I learn more little things about Sherlock and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

I. The Sherlock Holmes Companion: An Elementary GuideGoodreads • ★★★★
This is the best of the three here so I suppose it isn't that elementary after all. I love that it contains images of the first magazines that Sherlock Holmes was published in. It also included many interviews with actors that have portrayed Sherlock or Watson and the part where it makes the book better is that the interviews are not one-sided. There are people who liked this actor and others who preferred another (and speaks of it quite bluntly too). So it's very objective and I enjoyed the book thoroughly! This book also rekindles the fire to re-read the Sherlock Holmes stories. It's not necessary to have the stories side-by-side when you're reading this as it provides some very succinct summaries but you'll definitely have a fire of curiosity to read them together.

II. Success Secrets of of Sherlock Holmes: Life Lessons from the Master DetectiveGoodreads • ★★★
This book's for if you're looking for quotes from the Sherlock stories. Other than that, it's not very informative. The success secrets it speaks of can jolly well be from 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. But it's a very easy read so if you're looking for something casual AND Sherlock-y. This is for you, if not, take the other book.

III. The Sherlock Holmes MiscellanyGoodreads ★★★½
Almost as informative as the first companion above, except it is really heavy on the broadcasting adaptations so if you're interested in more Sherlockian TV, stage productions, radio broadcasts, films... take this one for its many references. It also touches on the Sherlockian societies around the world which is brilliant! I took down lots of references from here, but I docked ½ a star off because a lot of the links it referred are now gone or broken. Cons of the internet! I didn't dig further but you can probably find replicated information somewhere still. Pros of the internet! This book really helps you to branch out if you're keen on researching or reading up more on Sherlock, Watson, Sir Arthur, or the Sherlockian societies.

Well, other than finding Sherlockian books in the library, I've also discovered a new section to comb through other than the usual Young Adult Fiction and the occasional visit to the Adult Fiction sections. ;)


  1. It's nice you are doing your Sherlock research! :) I love that you immersed yourself so thoroughly in the topic. I enjoyed reading your rundown of the good and bad for each book too!


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