Ticks & Tocks: Cinderella's Questionable Castle

I like odd things and bizarre tidbits of life that may or may not matter too much. This feature will focus on that, bookish or otherwise.

A few weeks before the released of the live action Cinderella movie, I had finished reading Dan Brown's Inferno and interestingly, came across a Cinderella tidbit that Brown had slipped in.

In Inferno, Robert Langdon had the chance to visit the Blue Mosque. It was during this chapter that Brown wrote that it was this location that inspired Cinderella's castle. My attention was captured immediately so I had to look up what the Blue Mosque looks like! But do you remember what Cinderella's castle look like? Let's look at her castle first.

Image: CC-BY-SA-3.0, Matt H. Wade, Wikipedia

Now let's compare it to the Blue Mosque. See any similarities? Probably the spires...

It was a fun snack to consume but a quick click to Wikipedia tells us that this is not a fact. Cinderella's castle is inspired by several castles but definitely, not a mosque. I'm not sure Brown is someone to make a slip-up like this. I'm more inclined to think that it serves as a reminder that his book is a work of fiction since it's linked to real life and some real history (albeit probably with lots of tweaking).

But I've to admit, he's had it written so convincingly or perhaps I have read so many of his books and never questioned any of it, that I believed it for a while. I think that makes him a great storyteller, or persuader (although it gets overwhelming at times because of the massive amount of information).


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