Advance Review: In Search of Sam, by Kristin Butcher

Raised by her mother, eighteen-year-old Dani Lancaster only had six weeks to get to know her father, Sam, before he lost his battle with cancer. It was long enough to love him, but not long enough to get to know him especially since Sam didn't even know himself. With nothing more than an address book, an old letter, and a half-heart pendant to guide her, she heads into B.C.'s Interior to Kamloops, Barriere, Merritt, and finally to a small, forgotten town teeming with secrets and hopefully answers.

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In Search of Sam, by Kristin Butcher • Published by Dundurn Group • Expected Publication Date: June 16 2015 • ★★★½ • Goodreads
In Search of Sam is a book where Dani finds closure in discovering the beginnings of her father's life. It was wonderful to be able to go with Dani to places where she had never been, in order to understand her father.

I think Dani has been quite blessed in having a protective but still supportive mother, together with an understanding stepfather. The quaint town of Farrow and its residents are a part of the story that I enjoyed immensely.

However, I couldn't exactly feel Dani's grief at her loss. Maybe it's because she only had six weeks to know her father so it wasn't really that intense? I'm not sure. I also feel that everything went just about too smoothly. Not that I wanted hiccups, but it was so smooth for Dani to have everything snap into place neatly that it's rather unbelievable. Maybe she's just extremely lucky, such people do exist, right?

On another good point of this book -- it's short and sweet, neat even. It's a very straightforward read so it's great for anyone who would like a quick fix of family-related or coping-with-loss stories (that isn't too heart-wrenching)! :)


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