Afterthoughts: The Curious Incident of Rereading

The last time I read The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time was more than five years ago, probably more but I don't remember. It was the book that propelled me into learning to play Minesweeper because I wanted to beat Christopher's scores. (I know, of all the things I could have gleaned from the book. But y'know, fun!) I also attempted the Conway Soldier's puzzle but Minesweeper is still my thing.

Anyway, I read it again recently because I couldn't remember the contents except the puzzles, which makes sense considering what I did the first time. Therefore it made my reread a bigger impact this time because I took in other things other than the puzzles. Other things like the patience of Christopher's father, Christopher's reaction to various things (the screaming, the groaning, and also his brains), and how it all began with a dead dog.

A curious incident indeed.

I feel that it would be interesting to go back to books I read when I was younger and now have almost no recollections of, just to have a "new" take on them. But the thing is finding those books again because I do remember a series I was really into reading but couldn't remember the name despite trying to Google it.

(Just putting it out here in case somebody knows: the series has a school setting, college/uni, with a plethora of characters of which some recurs, has more than 20 books in the series [I think], one of the characters has the first/last name Connor or O'Connor who is a problematic teen [think drunk, drugs, family issues]. I'm 100% positive it is not SVU or 90210...)

Back to my point, I really enjoyed this particular reread because I gained new insight. It's a little different from how I constantly reread the Harry Potter series and certain comics because that's purely for the pleasure of immersing myself into the world again.

Basically, this is me having a new experience with an old book that I've read but forgotten. (That sounds more confusing than it should be.)


  1. I think that it's really interesting how a re read can make you feel. Personally, I read Harry Potter every year and each year, there's always something where I go, "huh, I didn't know that!" I actually am not too big of a re-reading fan because the plot twists aren't there anymore but there are books that are close to my heart that i will reread no matter what!

  2. I think Harry Potter is just magical in its own way, because I feel the same too! ;) I also don't usually reread unless I really have forgotten what the entire story is about. I'm not so inclined to reread books that have sent me down to a very sad place (in a good way for the book, in a bad way for my heart, lol) because I feel that if I don't get the same emotion from the reread, I'm going to feel weirded out or disappointed. Man, this is getting confusing... love-hate relationship with rereading, I guess!


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