Bookish BGM: The Battlefield

Bookish BGM is a weekly Paper O'Clock feature where I share music that I listen to while reading or writing. Do feel free to share soundtracks, instrumentals, or classicals that you enjoy too!

 This week, I'm sharing music of Asian influence! It's also an instrumental take on one of my favourite alt-rock song to fit the soundtrack it was originally made for. This tune is from the Chinese-Taiwanese historical drama -- Prince of Lan Ling. It is one of my top favourite historical drama, not only for the story, but also for the beautiful costumes. (Maybe I'm biased because not only is the main track from my favourite band, Mayday, the promotional shots are taken by Mika Ninagawa, whose vibrant works I enjoy very much!)

Anyway, this track is titled 夜未央,幸存的沙场, which loosely translates to, "the night is young, on the battlefield that survived". If you listen to it, it probably matches the title quite well. I also like to think of it as a track for a warrior (or hero, or heroine) going into battlefield (literally, or metaphorically) with the knowledge that he/she will not return.

(I think it is also appropriate for when I write my essay because hey, going to war on pen and paper, and I might not return alive...)

What do you think of when you listen to this piece of music? Or did the image of the main characters of Prince of Lan Ling distract you? ;) 


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