Bookish BGM: Disney Fantasy

Bookish BGM is a weekly Paper O'Clock feature where I share music that I listen to while reading or writing. Do feel free to share soundtracks, instrumentals, or classicals that you enjoy too!

I realized I've been sharing rather melancholic sounds with y'all since the launch of this feature, so this week is going to be different!

Classical music has always been a part of my life, for better or for worse, I have no idea. But it has been there since I got myself into the symphonic band in high school. I got to know of this fantastic orchestra from that time in my life and I have been listening to them on and off ever since.

Tokyo Kosei Wind Orchestra -- I have nothing but raves and praise for them. In general, I have a very good impression of Japanese orchestras and bands. I'm sharing their rendition of Disney Fantasy, they have other Disney medleys too, which can be easily found on YouTube. I think it's nice to have one of those playing in the background when you get through your daily to-do list, because you get to pretend (or maybe you are!) to be a princess (or prince, or queen, or king, whichever you enjoy being) with imaginary birds and fairies helping you. Makes work seem less like work!

If I could, I would share so many here. Well, technically I can but that'd be self-induced flood so I'm just gonna leave you with some Spice Girls, Mission Impossible, and urgh, just YouTube the orchestra! T^T


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