Bookish BGM: A Fantasy Tune

This is a weekly Paper O'Clock feature where I will share the music that I listen to when I read (or write). Basically more ways for me to share music and find out about more music from you!

This week's tune is from one of my favourite musical YouTubers -- Adrian von Ziegler. Alvae is my absolute top favourite out of his compositions. I often tune in to the hour-long uploads he has when I write my essays but I always go back to Alvae on loop when I read fantasy. It certainly has an ethereal feel to it and obviously fantasy because that was his intention when composing it too.

Give it a listen! Here's Alvae by, Adrian von Ziegler.

If you like it, take a turn into his channel, I haven't listened to all of his compositions because I'm rather partial to his fantasy compositions. (I know, I'm so picky and NOT picky at the same time... what.)

Did you enjoy 'Alvae'? What other fantasy-like music do you listen to, if any? Share them with me!


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