Midnight Thief by Livia Blackburne

Midnight Thief (Midnight Thief #1), by Livia Blackburne • Published by Disney-Hyperion • ★★ • Goodreads • Library
Just from the synopsis of Midnight Thief alone, it seemed very promising. Thieves, Assassins Guild, knights, Demon Riders -- all of these reeks of excitement. And yes, we have excitement but it was overpowered by the amount of romance.

First, do let me clarify something. I'm a very easygoing reader, I don't chew a book out because of insta-love or love triangles or love rectangles or any love polygons, as long as the characters involve are interesting, does not mess with the plot... I'm cool.

This novel tests my limit to this.

Midnight Thief started alright. Kyra was fun to read when she's slinking through shadows and scaling walls. I also enjoyed her relationship with Bella, the mother figure of the story, as with the gutter children. It was also fun to see her sneaking to places, picking locks, and practicing silent steps in the forest.

There's Flick. I felt that he was supposed to be a brother figure but then it's so ambiguous! However, it's cool still, because hey, what is a little romantic tension right? But then we meet James, "darkly attractive", which he is. I would love to know his past with Thalia (she was mentioned but never elaborated) that caused so much sexual tension with Kyra. Love triangle! But then as it turns out, James's an asshole so, wait what-- new love interest enters the scene! Tristam, the good knight, and Kyra, the royal fugitive. Son, what have you gotten yourself into? Are there no other beautiful women in this kingdom?

Anyway, I don't know where the romance is headed in this duology. It just feels like a derailed train to me. It got to the point that when I was no longer excited at reading about the origins of the Demon Riders or the wildcats... specifically, shape-shifting cats, or werecats. Giant werecats.

The entire story has the shadow of Robin Hood in it, but the odour of romance overpowered what could have been an exciting and dangerous adventure of a story.


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