Promise of Shadows by Justina Ireland

Promise of Shadows, by Justina Ireland • Published by Simon & Schuster • ★★★½ • Goodreads 
Who got excited when she saw the Greek goddess Nyx mentioned in this book's synopsis? Yeah, I sure did. But this retold Nyx is unlike the Nyx from the myths we know. Also, anyone else almost rolled their eyes (or actually did) at the synopsis on Goodreads? Surprisingly HOT friend? I am not sure why there is a need to emphasize that but screw that, here's what on the actual hardcover and it's directly from the book but it's SO much better.
Fear and rage settle deep into my middle. They cut through me, and I sense my darkness rising up, answering the call of my panic. It's just like the night I killed Ramun Mar, but this time the darkness is different. It feels like a living thing, an old friend who has just been waiting for the chance to help. Without even calling it, my darkness rises. It shrouds me in reassurance. I welcome the confidence it brings. It feels like I can do anything with the darkness at my side.
 I will say that the powers Zephyr held are crazy awesome. Also, harpies can apparently smell emotions and the descriptions of those smells always amuses me to no end.

I felt that the suspense in the story was well done, at least for the part between Cass and Nanda. I was kept on my toes to the end with these two because I felt they were fishy, more than Zephyr felt of them.

I think the showdown at the end was rather underwhelming. But I still gave the book a 3.5 rating because I really, really adored how the Underworld was done. The Pits amused me because of the raining excrement. Also, the part where Persephone broke down? A nice touch. I have always enjoyed reading about Hades so when his world is built nicely, I will be nice. Biased.

However, as nice as I am (ha!), I can't handle the fact that Promise of Shadows has so many unanswered questions. An open-ended finish is great, such as leaving it to the reader to think about Zephyr and Tallon's relationship, but a conclusion to the big picture is still needed, I think. I haven't really forgot there's a godly war going on, y'know? Plus this is a standalone, so I guess I'm just going to live with the unanswered result of whatever happened between the Aethereal and the vaettir after the showdown, as with Hera. :(


  1. Eh? I didn't know that this was a standalone! I mean, usually fantasy novels are series, so it's kind of refreshing. And haha, I read the blurb for the first time (I think I added the book to my tbr SOLELY because of the cover... don't judge :P) and I can't believe they actually capitalized the "HOT" part. The sentence was already cringe-worthy as it was, but then they had to capitalize that word lmao.

    Overall, though, I'm glad that you found this enjoyable! The average rating didn't look too promising, but it could have been worse, I guess. And heyyy, you can't just say that the descriptions of emotional smells amused you and then not provide an example, dude! But the whole raining excrement thing in the Underworld does sound like a nice touch and I'm even happier that Justina did the Underworld justice (geddit?! Lol puns).

    And nooooo, unanswered questions are the WORST. Cliffhangers I can handle, but not dangling plot strings when there isn't going to be a sequel. T_T Great review!

  2. I know right! I had to triple check to make sure it was a standalone. I was actually torn between relief and dismay that it's a standalone because of said ending. >_> Nope, not judging at all because I do that too. :P I can never read that sentence in my head without sounding sarcastic. xD

    Oops my bad, haha! I'm just amused that there are smells for emotions, most often there are nasty ones (think dumpster-ish) for "bad" emotions like fear, jealousy... The average rating is quite accurate, I'd say. It definitely can be SO much better but I think by squashing it into a standalone, some things just got cut off? It's like I just have to assume the gods will forever be at war with each other for some petty thing or another. :|


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