Review: The Burning Sky, by Sherry Thomas

The Burning Sky (The Elemental Trilogy #1), by Sherry Thomas • Published by Balzer + Bray • ★★★½ • Goodreads • TBD
The magical elements and world-building are excellent in The Burning Sky. I ache for a book like the Crucible for my own possession (though I would need magical abilities as well, but I think the teaching cantos would suffice for me)!

There's a lot of easy predictability in The Burning Sky. My favourite is Sleeping Beauty's identity in the Crucible. It's so predictable and yet, when Titus is written to finally talk to Sleeping Beauty. I think it broke something in me. He's just a young man who wants nothing but a normal life, yet he's tasked with such an enormous burden, AND he still hopes for Iolanthe to have the normal life she wanted.

Titus is easily my favourite character because of the faces he had to present to Iolanthe, Atlantis, and Eton students. He's strong, but he's breakable. He's scared, but he faces the prophecy head-on. He yearns truth, but knows better than to trust easily.

Except... Iolanthe doesn't cut it for me. I can't connect with her character, nor her feelings later on (as the plot develops) for Titus. It's the reason why I had to rescind 1.5 stars from The Burning Sky. I really liked her at the beginning, when her utmost concern was Haywood, the closest thing to family she has. But later into the book, it seems that Haywood have turned into a "side quest" of sorts? I get that she's finally learning about Titus's history but I also feel that it's not love (or the kind of love-love) but sympathy. So the romance part doesn't work for me that well.

There's also the bit of foreshadowing with Iolanthe's history. It's pretty obvious as they entered the Black Bastion in the Crucible and Helgira comes into the story. I expect to see more of Iolanthe and her own possible connection to Helgira in the next book!


  1. This seems about right - I feel like I had the most problems with Iolanthe and the romance too. I haven't picked up the next book yet, hope you'll enjoy it more though!

  2. There was the feeling of a missing ingredient in their romance! I hope so too, since the last of the series is expected to be published in October this year! Here's ALSO hoping that I can clear off more series off my TBR with that...


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