Review: Dreams of Gods and Monsters, by Laini Taylor

Dreams of Gods and Monsters (Daughter of Smoke and Bone #3), by Laini Taylor • Published by Little, Brown & Company • ★★★★ • Goodreads • Mild Spoilers!
The one thing that this book made me feel most vividly is: I miss Brimstone so much that I want to curl into fetal position whenever he is mentioned.

But as much pain that Laini Taylor inflicted upon me with Brimstone, she made up for it in the form of Liraz and Ziri. Oh, she also took the brilliance that are Neek-neek and Mik to another level.

In other news, Karou and Akiva made me want to punch something. The "want" and "can't" collision drove me almost crazy whenever it came into play. I'm not entirely sure if it was necessary, but it just made me tire of their relationship.

However, I really enjoy the alliance between the chimaera and Misbegotten. The understanding that was being forged so painfully, and so slowly, was really a good part to read. The incident with Ten (or Haxaya) gave me as much of a heart attack as it had given Thiago, but it was also the one fantastic scene that led to the blossoming of something new, something good.

Personally, Liraz, Ziri, and Zuze stole the spotlight from Karou and Akiva in Dreams of Gods and Monsters. I really enjoyed the growth these characters had been given, most especially so for Zuze. When she witnessed a friend's death, that quiet moment? It was a quiet kind of heavy impact. You don't know that it's hit you until it did.

I'm not sure if I liked the parts with the Stelians. It was nice reading about Akiva's mother but it was still fishy to me. It felt like a land mine waiting to be stepped on. But Zuze and Mik's encounter with Eliza was intriguing to read, and made me wish I had a wish to spend. (But no more Brimstone. Again -- AGONY!) That also means -- I'll gladly watch Morgan Toth die in a fire. It should be funny that Gabriel was the one to discover him because Gabriel, the Archangel?

Dreams of Gods and Monsters is a wonderful completion to the trilogy; Laini Taylor weaves together seemingly unrelated characters' stories and finishes the story's tapestry off with warm and fuzzy feelings. I really enjoy the ending she wrote that was both open (because Godstars) and finished (because happily-ever-after).


  1. I put off reading this series until they were all out. I will have to get at it. I have been tempted a couple of times to start earlier than I had planned.

  2. It's a pretty great series! It starts off really fantastic, but has the Second Book syndrome, then redeems itself with a wonderful ending. Definitely recommended! ;)


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