Review: Spirit by Brigid Kemmerer

Spirit (Elemental #3), by Brigid Kemmerer • Published by KTeen • ★★★★ • Goodreads
I may have a love-hate relationship with this series because for one, I really enjoy the action scenes in it as they were all very vividly described and without any awkward execution. But I wasn't sure I liked the romance because after book two (Spark), even though Gabriel was fun to read, it just felt very formulaic. And boy, did Spirit just spiced up things for this series!

Hunter is utterly messed up in Spirit. He's not entirely fixed up by the end of the book as you might have assumed, but he's cleaned up a little, thanks to the Merricks and Kate. I thoroughly enjoyed what Kemmerer did for Kate. I was so convinced by her act that when the backstory of her mother was revealed, I was shocked. Of course, a single punch never does it for any YA story, it has to be a one-two punch. ;) I felt that more could be done to link the reader to Kate, so that when the punch comes later, it could be thoroughly winding. Nevertheless, it was a good move, as compared to the previous two books in the Elemental series.

The relationships can be pretty confusing if you are reading this after a period of time from the previous book, like me. But it gets easier as you continue reading because it all gets spelled out towards the end when Hunter finally tries to mend his relationship with his mother, thanks to Michael. Dear ol' Michael.

Obviously, my favourite character has not changed -- I still adore Michael Merrick. At first, I thought he wasn't going to get his own book because I had assumed the series ended with the fourth book, but apparently, there's a fifth! AND IT REVOLVES AROUND MICHAEL. As if this cake is not enough, the icing is that the book is titled Sacrifice.

Consider me sold for this series, even if it can be more than cheesy (or even overly romantic) at times. (And also even if I really dislike all the covers. ALL.)


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