The Chaos of Stars by Kiersten White

The Chaos of Stars, by Kiersten White • Published by HarperTeen •
★★★ • Goodreads • From the Library
For a book with such a pretty cover, The Chaos of Stars is rather underwhelming. It's not that it's not written well, but there was just so much more that could be that didn't... be. It's such a tease when so many wonderful characters and myths are introduced, but it's left on a very superficial level when I want it so bad to go deeper! (Wow, that sounds dirtier than it should have.)

The Chaos of Stars has a very good premise for an excellent story. Egyptian gods and goddesses with their offspring - human or otherwise. It's pretty much up my alley since I love my Greek gods too. Imagine me reeling when Ry is introduced, I was so excited only to be let down because the climax or the action part? It was more like anti-climax. I felt that it could have been more serious, more dangerous.

But then again, I think The Chaos of Stars is very focused on Isadora and how she comes to accept her place in her godly family. However, there are just too many loose ends and frayed hems waiting to be explored and screaming at my face as I read through the novel. Also, as the novel proceeds, my attraction to Ry waned because god, can anyone ask for an even more besotted love interest? Good grief.

This is crazy but I'm a little (only a little) sad that this is a standalone because there is so much MORE that could be. I want to know more about Osiris! Anubis! Thoth! Sirus! Ry! It is so open-ended that even imaginative me wants more to work with. I guess this is where I drown myself in books and information on Egyptian mythology eh? Not that I'm complaining, of course.

Overall, this book is great if you like a short and (overly) sweet story that is pretty much a one-way road trip. It's very simple, straightforward with enough excitement (just barely enough). But for someone who has been exposed too many times to the crazy effed up family tree of Greek mythology, The Chaos of Stars looks like a piece of cake. Good, but definitely could be better.


  1. Ah, this book. I loved the premise, but not the execution. :| I totally agree with it being a simple and straightforward story, but not necessarily living up to the totally cool backdrop.

    (Also, Ry. Oh my goodness, that love story. -_-)

  2. I KNOW. I was so excited to see Egyptian gods and then it just went to the zone of "eh". D: I will just refer to Ry as Ryan and not his constellation name. I just feel that he's not worthy of that!! :(


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