Monthly Chronicle: June Swoons

I am on a reading roll in the past month and IT FEELS SO GREAT! (Especially now that I've built up quite a buffer for the blog, coughs.) There's nothing like binge-reading and watching your TBR shrink a little. Accomplishment!

June is going to be a bittersweet month. Why? First, the sweet deal. I'll be heading to the country of kimchi with my family. South Korea! Food! Kpop! ...MOAR FOOD!? It's also my first time travelling with my mother so here's crossing my fingers that neither of us steps on either's toes. (I have a complicated family, don't ask, lmao.) The slightly bitter part is that I'm also travelling on budget (it's a sponsored trip so I'm not complaining)! Still, I'm happy for the chance to experience another culture. :D (I just really have to work on my finances when I get home, but I'm pumped to do that!)

On the blogging side, I'm retiring Bookish BGM in favour of something else. I have a couple of features thought up, but they both need fleshing out in content. Ticks & Tocks will return soon, in place of vlogging. I still can't get over my psychological barriers so pictures will do for now. One tiny step at a time!

Oh, before I forget, June is also my birthday month! Exactly when though, I will leave that as a mystery because that's how I roll. Birthday month calls for a celebratory giveaway! It's been a long time since I hosted one and I do love gifting people, especially nerdy things. Because nerdism is great. ;)

What am I giving away? Here's a sneak peak and a list of what is in the package:

  • A set of Alice in Wonderland postcards
  • A couple of bookish key charms (with dust plugs because I'm considerate like that)
  • A bunch of bookish pins and magnets
  • Basically, fun bookish swag! (I'll contact the winner on your favourite books/series!)
And who knows! Maybe I'll find some fun stuff on my trip and throw it in the nerdy package too! So enter away! It will end 25th June after I return from the land of kimchi. :)

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  1. Happy Birthday (month!) (although I do know the day of your birthday :D) It's awesome that you are going to Korea! I look forward to a trip recap! And to seeing what new features you are bringing to your blog! Thank you for the bookish giveaway too - it's so fun to give away a swag pack I think!

  2. Happy soon-to-be birthday!? It hasn't been your bday in the last few days has it? Then it should be happy belated birthday.

    Hope you enjoy Korea!

    Thanks for the great giveaway!

  3. Hello fellow Singaporean! :D It's so nice to meet a fellow Singaporean book blogger ^^ (I love your logo by the way, so beautiful, and your design is just so elegant!) :D Funnily, June is also my birthday month... O_O Happy early birthday, and have fun traveling! :)

  4. Thank you! (And shh, it's your privilege. LOL.) I'll probably have some kind of recap! I usually suck at those because I'm lazy with pictures... but I gotta start somewhere! :P Haha, I wanted to put a book up but I got so wrapped up in choosing a book because I wanted them all for myself! So I decided to try something else, since I'm quite the postcards/swag hoarder. :P

  5. Hehe, nope, it hasn't! :P I hope I enjoy it too, thank you and good luck! ;)

  6. HELLO THAR! I always get excited finding fellow SG book blogers! And thank you, but gosh, your blog is LOVELY! <3 Happy early (or belated) birthday to you too! :D


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