Review: In The Afterlight, by Alexandra Bracken

In The Afterlight (The Darkest Minds #3), by Alexandra Bracken • Published by Disney-Hyperion • ★★★★ • Goodreads • Mild Spoilers!
The last of The Darkest Minds series really completes the circle, or should I say spiral? It was a wonderful adventure with Ruby and friends. The end of a nightmare and the beginning of a possible future for Psi kids, but there are loose strands... as always (and some are exceptionally long).

I have a love-hate relationship with Bracken since the beginning of the series because she keeps taking away the character I love MOST. The way she did it is so full of impact and as Ruby sinks into her own despair, I'm busy screaming (internally) "NO!!!" at Bracken. It's no different here in In The Afterlight where I was basically:

GOD FUCKING DAMN IT. It was really unexpected this time and so it hurt even though I was really guarded. It was done to my favourite character in this book so I'm particularly sad (and mildly indignant) about his death. I guess it was sort of a justified kill by Bracken because it is after all, a dystopian and if nobody dies in a dystopian, it's not really that believable, is it? Not everyone can be that lucky in a dying world.

So since I won't name my favourite character due to spoilers, let me just say that it is always those character that GET me. Every. Single. Time. From Hanazawa Rui in Hana Yori Dango (or Boys Over Flowers, or Meteor Garden) to Sturmhond (Nikolai) in The Grisha. THESE SELF-SACRIFICING NOBLE IDIOTS WILL BE THE DEATH OF ME.


I really liked how the events went in In The Afterlight except the ending. It was pretty "meh" because of Liam's decision and how they all just went along with it. Really? It's like they're walking away from the world they've struggled to right, without even trying it once? Plus they are sort of exposed to media now, I don't really think they can just disappear under the radar? Or they could, given the "new world" they've helped put together...

Urgh, just give me something more concrete and also of the big picture please. It was too vague and too fast of an ending, when some parts in the book went too slow. But otherwise, this book is a big puddle of unspoken grievances, misunderstandings, but then comes ALL THE FEELS when everything unravels fi-nal-ly.

Excuse me for the mess of a "review", I'm too busy being indignant about that particular kill.


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