Review: Unremembered, by Jessica Brody

Unremembered (Unremembered #1), by Jessica Brody • Published by Farrar, Straus, & Giroux • ★★★ • GoodreadsTBD
 Oh Unremembered, you started out great and then it all spiraled out of control, or rather -- it spiraled into predictability. How many robots have we read or watch in the past decade that went rogue because of love? Still, it has its redeeming qualities.

I enjoyed the science part of Unremembered. The Modifiers, memories being removed and altered, templates for altered memories, and of course, the gene that allowed time travelling. That one's new, altering genetics to allow moving through time and space! I quite like this idea, except it was just touch-and-go. Shame.

My favourite character is Cody, he's smart for a thirteen year old but that's already established. He's not "like the other kids". (Thanks for the backhanded compliment, on behalf of all the other smart, nerdy kids.) But Sera's foster family does really well. I guess they just want to give her a shelter before they knew who/what she actually was. Heather sure hit the nail on the head though. Never doubt a mother's instincts! Rio is another character I enjoy reading. He's like a father to Sera but it's such a shame that I didn't get to read more about him.

Personally, I hope we get more insight into the creation or birth of Sera, because if she really is a robot and Zen loves her. I... no??? This novel makes me confuse! If Sera is made up of artificial parts put together, does it make her human? Or is she still an "it"? I think my brain is short-circuit-ing.

Other than needing more backstory and better pacing, Unremembered is still a good sci-fi novel. I'm looking forward to read the next book because of them travelling back to 1609, if nothing else. ;)


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