Review: Kinslayer, by Jay Kristoff

Kinslayer (The Lotus War #2), by Jay Kristoff • Published by Thomas Dunne Books • ★★★★ • Goodreads

That's the most fitting expression I can use from the book itself. Funny how a swearing expression can be crude and classy at the same time. (Izanagi is a god, in case you were wondering.) But that's how Kristoff rolls, I guess.

Kinslayer manages to stomp on my heart more than once and both times made me want to punch Kristoff in the face. It was my mistake to fall in love with the character, Ichizo. I know that much, so I was asking for it, but I couldn't help hoping. Now I know why hope is a dangerous thing. We shall not speak of Daken, the tomcat, here because it makes me want to hurl sharp things (like durian husks) at some particular author.

Kinslayer is a wonderful sequel, reuniting the reader with some of the characters we so loved from Stormdancer. Badass Michi being one of them! Of course, Buruu and Yukiko are present. I love how much their relationship has grown! NEVER CHANGE, BURUU AND YOUR TEASING OF MONKEY-CHILDREN. I also love the introduction of new characters! My new favourite is Hana and the possible shipping with Akihito. Yoshi makes me rage so much, it's ridiculous. The Phoenix clan's twin Daimyo amuses me, I think I have taken quite a liking to that clan. ;)

Despite the amount of feels that got crushed, there are also about just as many things going on in Kinslayer that I have a hard time keeping track of all of them. Firstly, we never got cleared up with Kaiah calling Buruu "Kinslayer", when that is the goddamn title of the book. Then there was that thing going on with the sea dragons and then later on the mention of Serpents -- not sure if there's a link between the two but CONFUSION ENSUES. Also, the new monkey-children of Yukiko's -- can I hear a "say whaaaaaaaaaaat"? Additionally, I'm always thinking about the oni that the Kage keeps fighting off. There's a civil war on one hand, and then there's these supernatural things that's going on in the background. I don't know, man.

With that said, despite the novel being titled Kinslayer, I am disappointed to say that Kin was not slayed in this novel. In fact, Kin slayed me (indirectly).

Considering how I was able to retain much of the story across three countries, Kinslayer is definitely a memorable book with all the unexpected plot twists and also predictability of some less complex twists. It lulls you into thinking you've got it under control before slamming you with a tsunami of feels. Great characters, great story, great world -- looking forward to Endsinger!


  1. I had trouble getting into this one, so I never did finish it, but it was fun to read your review and how enthusiastic you are about the story! I might revisit it again, but for now I'll keep fond memories of Buruu. :D I am curious to know just how much the last book will slay you!

  2. It is a little dry in the beginning! I was into it about 20+% and I didn't even want to read it on my flight when I had nothing to do buuut during one boring queue, I picked it back up and it was all good. :D I hope you'll revisit it, it's pretty hilarious at some point but of course, all the action always come later. :P

  3. Yes to all the things! Though wait, you want Kin to be slayed?! Even though he was a bit of a prick in Kinslayer, I still quite like him. He's just always being used, emotionally manipulated, that poor boy is broken. He needs to be loved!

    But yes, not finding out why Buruu is the Kinslayer is a bit weird, especially when that's the title of the book. I almost feel like they did that on purpose just to make us think it was referring to Kin. But eek, I'm a little nervous to find out Buruu's past because I like to just think of him as this lovable sarcastic brute. Not sure I'll be able to handle his dark side >.<

  4. I DON'T KNOW!!! I'm just super upset by the fact that he betrayed(???) Daichi??? D:? I'm so conflicted by how I feel about Kin but mostly, it's unpleasant. :( Even if he was bullied... D: #BadPerson

    Really?! I think I'm just gonna love Buruu more when I find out. LOL. I like dark and bitter things, and Buruu's past sounds bitter. :P

  5. HAHA, that first line of your review! As for Kin, ohhhh man, I know how you and Asti feel. I was so mad at the kage, especially with what they were doing to him and the girl. URK. :| BUT THAT BETRAYAL THO.

    But press on, dear Tory! TO THE NEXT BOOK!

  6. I had no idea how to write the review and that's legit the first line that pops into my head when I attempted to write it, LOL. I KNOW RIGHT. I SHALL PRESS ON... WITH MUCH WARINESS. ;A;


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