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Where Did I Disappear to?

Hello! *blows off figurative dust on the blog* I vanished temporarily from here because school assessments came rolling in, together with my utter (but temporal) defeat by the big, bad side of Life. However, I obviously recovered because I am here again, typing this up, thanks to my family and especially my ever supportive grandmother. I will be in even better condition soon, once I get more stability going on in my life. :) Occasionally, I wonder why I work so hard in my studies, if it makes my job-hunting experience even harder than before. It's weird, but I guess it's just the cycle of life. I've got to hit the bottom and get wrecked, before I can bounce back up.

Of course, I didn't do nothing while I was falling into the pits. I watched a ton of TV, not very useful, but hey, it makes me happy and that's what matters for now. I also worked on reading my required texts for school, which is why there's very little, or almost no reviews coming in the works. :p…