Where Did I Disappear to?

Hello! *blows off figurative dust on the blog* I vanished temporarily from here because school assessments came rolling in, together with my utter (but temporal) defeat by the big, bad side of Life. However, I obviously recovered because I am here again, typing this up, thanks to my family and especially my ever supportive grandmother. I will be in even better condition soon, once I get more stability going on in my life. :) Occasionally, I wonder why I work so hard in my studies, if it makes my job-hunting experience even harder than before. It's weird, but I guess it's just the cycle of life. I've got to hit the bottom and get wrecked, before I can bounce back up.

Of course, I didn't do nothing while I was falling into the pits. I watched a ton of TV, not very useful, but hey, it makes me happy and that's what matters for now. I also worked on reading my required texts for school, which is why there's very little, or almost no reviews coming in the works. :p Lots of TV talk (or fangirling) going on after the jump break. 

But before I go into that, I just want to say, there will be posts in Chinese in the future because there are just some things I can't translate into English without losing certain feelings. It sucks, but that's how "lost in translation" comes about.

NCIS: Los Angeles
I completed all the old seasons of NCIS: Los Angeles, because I was craving for something "detective-ish" as Criminal Minds is off season. Now, consider me hooked for that too because Eric Beale is adorable and Hetty's packed full of badass in that tiny build. I did not watch the original NCIS, I think it was more of a random choice but hey, I don't think I'm missing out on anything. 

Journey of Flower, 花千骨
Historical fantasy Chinese dramas are my nemesis. I cannot resist any of the newer productions because of the advancement in technology and beauty of sets, costumes, even if they might take a lot of chances in adaptations or re-tellings. I am a sucker for these in any way as long as it doesn't have awkward CG. I'm terrible, I know. But look at that screenshot I grabbed, aren't the colours beautiful? Plus I love myself tragic stories and somehow, Chinese fantasies always manage to hit that sour, twisty, painful, wrecking place in me. Call me a TV-masochist, but urgh. 

Journey of Flower is a title that doesn't do it justice. I think the fan-coined Flower and Bone title is much better. I enjoyed the show but the ending was very anti-climatic. I went back to look for another drama that I had wanted to watch but hadn't, for some reason. And it made me feel better immensely, after the disgruntled feeling I got from Journey of Flower, even those the main arc didn't even make the cut in my book.

That's Hua Xu Yin: City of Desperate Love. Again, the English translation of Chinese titles almost never do justice to the original. If it were up to me, well, I'm not a poet but Libba Bray's "Lair of Dreams" comes to mind because of how a dream weaver (no, not the program) is involved. So, probably -- Lair of Dreams: The Loveless City. The story is made up of several arcs: one main and three sub, but the sub-stories wrecked me into pieces so much so that the main story becomes lacklustre in comparison. My favourite arc is the one titled "The Thirteenth Month" which involves a pair of twin, a king, and a marquis. I'll leave it up to your imagination, but know that none of the stories, except the main, have a happy ending. (See: TV-masochist, ha.) This fan's take on the story, with the adapted tune from a Japanese melody, is beautiful. Listen to it on YouTube! I think it's beautiful even if you have no idea of the lyrics.

I think the part I love best about Hua Xu Yin is that the ladies are all powerful women matched to also powerful men, but these men are in a position where they could potentially be killed by the ladies. Yet, love undid them all. At this point of building up my post, I want to slam myself into a wall because of all my feelings for this story. 


Most recetly, I got caught up with the latest season of Kuroko no Basuke, and I heard there's gonna be a season 4. Say whaaaaaaaat! But I'm not complaining because I love this series, regardless of how fantastical it has made basketball become, because I love the relationships between the teams and teammates. I'm going to get caught up with the manga also because that's just how much I like it. I mean, I do have figures and charms, and even jerseys... derp. 

Haven't watched the live-action movies of Attack on Titan, will be rectifying that soon. But I'll stop this massive post right here, now that I've gotten most of the fangirl out of my system.


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