Books I Grew Up With, Quite Literally

Frankly, I am not the kindest book owner any book will meet. That said, I am also the most loyal book owner any book will meet -- that is if that book chips off a bit of my heart or life. Case in point being my haphazard Harry Potter series, as pictured in the above picture.

Yes, those are my books -- not the library's or secondhand, but thoroughly used and read by me. I have brought them to school, through my childhood, to the bathroom, on bus rides... It is one of the few series that I own which do not match one another, but I do not mind because they bear my different feelings and experiences. It is so much that if I am to get a new, clean version of the same book, it feels as if I am betraying what I already own. (Which is kind of bizarre when I own various copies of Midwinterblood by Marcus Sedgwick.)

I also have issues keeping on slip covers of hardback books. I don't know why, but it's hard for me to keep them on when I read. So, I take them out and put them aside as I read through the book maybe once, twice, many times. Through that n-th time I am reading the book, the slip cover has disappeared into The Vanishing Cupboard.

But I remember my copy of The Order of The Phoenix, or rather I remember falling asleep face first on an open page whil on the bus ride home from school. Because I was so god damn tired but I still want to read. It reminds my current self of how much of a flying fuck I used to not give about the weight of my bag, for the sake of reading. Shame on you, current self.

I also remember purchasing Chamber of Secrets only when I entered my twenties because it was the one book I manage to find at the library when I was younger, before my family (and extended family) purchased for me the later books as they came out. (And yes, I have no problems breaking spines. Ba-dum-tss.)

I forgot which book I spilt curry on one of the pages. Never attempt to pull bread apart violently with both a bowl of delicious curry chicken and a great book in front of you. Well, unless you are me because I either eat and read, or eat and watch YouTube, or eat and eat these days. FOOD IS GOOD. BOOKS TOO.

My copy of Prisoner of Azkaban has pages falling out of it and I am not sure why it is so weak compared to its siblings. That, or I might have almost dropped something along with it and pulled the spine too hard in order to save the book. Uh, knowing me, probably the latter?

Lastly, I remember when the first Potter movie came out and was called The Sorcerer's Stone. My dad (or was it my uncle, I can't remember) spent an afternoon with me, running around stores looking for the DVD. He had wondered if I got the name wrong. I remembered younger me was extremely confused. We ended up going home empty-handed. Damn it, films! Stick with a name!

So, I've always loved looking at people getting different versions of series that got new covers, or collecting matching covers, or fretting over non-matching covers. I do that too, occasionally. But for those books most sentimental to me -- this is fine. :)


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