Little Trinkets (1): The Reader's Little Helpers

How often do you use any piece of paper that is clean and intact as a replacement for a proper bookmark? Or perhaps you are a little less concerned about folding pages and thus have made several dog ears at different pages of a book. I’ll admit to having done both, in addition to memorising the page or chapter number.

But, I also enjoy collecting bookmarks, free or otherwise. So I’ll be making use of this feature to occasionally show off some of my bookmarks (or cute things I use as bookmarks), so that they get at least one chance to see the light of the day. :D

Since Anime Festival Asia 2015 was just over in Singapore, I’m going to share some of these adorable little cut-outs by one of my many favourite artists -- Freebird (also known as Celeste)!

My first purchase from her began when I was hunting for great fanart of Uta no Prince-sama. I didn’t want to get more badges because I had no space on my pinboard or bag left for those, plus it seems every other stall at the Creators’ Hub sell badges (but acrylic charms are the latest fad as of late). Her style of drawing chibis is one of my favourites and she's consistent too!

I've collected quite a few of these adorable cut-outs because they can serve as bookmarks or decorations that I can stick on anywhere easily. Obviously, my favourite is featured in the banner, which is Hades from Kamigami no Asobi. (I know, I'm so predictable when it comes to having a favourite character.)

Of course, Freebird also has other cute fanart. I also own the tiny Studio Ghibli badges, but I still lack No-Face and Calcifer, so no surprises as to what I'm getting next from her. ;)

Find Freebird

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