Review: A Court of Thorns & Roses, by Sarah J. Maas

A Court of Thorns and Roses (A Court of Thorns and Roses #1), by Sarah J. Maas • Published by Bloomsbury • ★★★ • Goodreads
I totally forgot this is New Adult, well, at least until I read to the part where I hoped nobody reads over my shoulder on the train. Ha!

I had a hard time liking Feyre, because I kept seeing shadows of Celaena. And you might not know this because it’s an unpopular opinion (but it is mine, nonetheless), but I do not fancy Celaena. Still, I have only read until Crown of Midnight, so there’s plenty of words ahead to change my mind.

Well, back to A Court of Thorns and Roses. Putting aside my “sight” issues with Feyre, I do enjoy this retelling of Beauty and the Beast. I didn’t exactly like the rewrite of the father, because I felt that character was just there to be decorative material. And in the original BatB fairy tale, one of the many reasons I enjoyed it was for the bond between Belle and her father. But it is a small point and I'm not overly bothered by it. Towards the end of the book though, I became a little confused because it plucked elements similar to Cinderella? I'm not sure if that points to Rhysand's story with Feyre to be somewhat related to Cinderella...

I originally quite enjoyed this book but after finishing it and mulling over it for a bit. I was still rather perturbed (for lack of a better term) by Fire Night. I think anything to do with that night is just a big fat “NO” for me. The Night That Should Be Condemned. You could argue that it’s NA but I just... nope. I don't like this side/version of ACOTAR's Beast. The idea of maidens serving themselves up to be "taken" and that the beast version of Tamlin could go stark crazy from just craving Feyre's... body. I mean, Twilight's imprinting business sounds less horrifying in this comparison. (Har har.)

Serious issues aside, the top superficial thing that offended my right brain was when Tamlin brought Feyre to the pool of starlight. While my imagination was processing how gorgeous it was, they proceeded to frolic in it. Good lord. I admit that I was (am) irrationally offended but I wished that the pool was used for healing or some special purposes. YOU DON’T JUST USE SUCH A STARLIGHT POOL FOR DATING PURPOSES.

My favourite character in this book has got to be Lucien. I'm rather partial to that name as well as his little backstory, so that's a bonus. ;) I am half-sure that I will start liking Rhysand for more than superficial reasons in the next book, he sounds like someone with a bitter past, and I like my bitter dudes. (Don't judge, mate, don't judge... even if the blackouts he did to Feyre with the wine was questionable.) But! I am also really hoping for Nesta (Feyre's sister) to play a bigger part. I feel that she's grown the most in this book. (No, Feyre's physical change is not considered growth, lol.)

In the end, my experience with Maas' books have always been a hit-and-miss situation. I have felt so torn over her books because I always fail to like her main characters, ending up pining for side characters that never get enough words. It is so with Throne of Glass and Crown of Midnight, and now it is the same situation with A Court of Thorns and Roses.


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