Two Thousand and Sixteen

The end of a good year and the beginning of one that is destined for better things.

2015 was a year of befriending great people. I got to meet Josephine and Elaine, which also led to my first visit to Books Actually. I got to play in The Bookish Games and got to know a lot of awesome people who have kindly let me lurk around their Twitters since then (willingly or otherwise). Thank you Maraia, Crini, Sana, Sebastian, Inge, Jade, Jeann, and you who might be reading this that I have missed typing out your name. Whether we chat often, or only exchange one-liners, thank you for letting me be.

Ah, 2016. From here, the next three hundred and sixty-four days seem to be chock-full of hope and mystery. Except, I know a part of it will be repetitive and routined, but hopeful - it will always be.

We all have a lot of plans for 2016 and beyond. Some are easy to accomplish, others require more diligence. Then there are those where your heart refuses to cooperate with the brain, and even with hard work, it is hard to achieve. Most of the time, but not always, they are connected to people. Real, living, flesh and blood. It is hard to let go of certain things or people, but I would like to let go of one, at least. It is easy to throw away physical reminders, but memories are a different thing.

On to more tangible matters! I hope to read more than I did last year and to also write more than I did last year. I would like to visit the library more often, and to visit a library outside of my neighbourhood. I want to conquer my TBR, which is easier said than done. Though with Crini's spreadsheets, I have confidence of making a huge dent in it. :)

It will also be Paper O'Clock's first blogiversary in February and I hope there will be many more to come since it feels like the first time I have stuck to a blog for so long - I am making it stay! I have so far, kept to my blog promises. For however many weeks I missed last year, I had compensated by donating a book per missed week. (Actually I donated more because children everywhere needs to have access to books, one way or another.)

Another certain milestone is that I will be graduating in the later half of 2016. Definitely something I have been working towards. With much hope it is, that I don't have to further defer to 2017 due to module incompatibility.

Here's to 2016, let's be kind to one another.

And to you, to us - be brave.


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